6 Points You Need To Know About Cool Mist Humidifier Benefits

6 Points You Need To Know About Your Cool Mist Humidifier Benefits


Have you ever feel your skin dry when in the cold weather, even get a nosebleed for the dry air. Low humidity will cause many problems for both human and  items. That's why we need a cool-mist humidifier. The benefits a cool-mist humidify brings to us can solve most of these problems for you.

In the following parts of this article, we will provide more details about cool mist humidify, including different models, conditions we can use a cool mist humidify, benefits for adults and babies, cleaning method and basic tips for using a cool mist humidifier properly.

1. What is A Cool Mist Humidifier?

A humidifier is a device, primarily an electrical appliance, that increases humidity (moisture) in a single room or an entire building. In the home, point-of-use humidifiers are commonly used to humidify a single room, while whole-house or furnace humidifiers, which connect to a home's HVAC system, provide humidity to the entire house. Medical ventilators often include humidifiers to increase patient comfort. Large humidifiers are used in commercial, institutional, or industrial contexts, often as part of a larger HVAC system.
(source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humidifier)

As a high-tech product, a cool mist humidifier is a popular device applied in modern families.One of the well-known cool mist humidifier benefits is increasing the humidity of the intended space. In so doing, a comfortable atmosphere can be created, offering  relief for dry skin, dry sinuses, and sore throats.

The cool mist humidifiers are better than warm mist types especially when there are kids or pets at home.

2. How Many Kinds of Cool Mist Humidifier Can We Find?

Two types of cool mist humidifiers: Ultrasonic and evaporative are the most popular choices nowadays. They can achieve the same goal: humidifying a room in a different way for their structure. You can choose the one you like according to the comparison.

(1)Evaporative humidifiers

This is the most common humidifier which is portable.
The most common portable humidifier, an "evaporative", "cool moisture", or "wick humidifier", consists of just a few basic parts: a reservoir, wick and fan.
(source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humidifier)

 You must have seen that when you put water into a pot and jar them in the room, the moisture will naturally evaporate into the air, humidifying the environment. Evaporative humidifiers apply the same principle. What technology advance provides is fans in the humidifiers. Therefore, the evaporation of water can be speed up. The fan draws in air through a moist wick filter installed in the bottom of Evaporative humidifiers. When the water evaporates into vapor, the air will be mix with the vapor, increasing humidity.

The moisture is from the water evaporation, which means some kinds of mineral deposits will be left in the wicks. These wicks will be moldy, blocking the air into the humidifier, if we don’t regularly replace or clean them.

(2)Ultrasonic humidifiers

With the use of sound vibrations of high-frequency, ultrasonic humidifier can produce an extra-fine mist and expelled them to the air in a relatively quite way when it compares to the Evaporative one. the filter sector was not considered in the design of ultrasonic humidifiers, which means operation costs can be saved.

Unlike some kinds of humidifier which produce a mist through boiling water, there is a risk of bacterium breed and spread. Therefore, its important to clean the humidifiers.

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3. Cool Mist Humidifiers Benefits

“Cool” always reminds us “warm”, so this is the biggest difference or “benefit” if we compare a cool mist humidifier with the warm one.

Benefits1: Cool Mist Humidifiers do not boil water 
(1) As we mention above, we can know that cool mist humidifiers don’t need to boil the water to add a mist, which means that the temperature of devices will not be high. Lower temperature can avoid burns. It would be perfect for the family with baby, children or pets to use.

Benefits2: Cool Mist Humidifiers are energy-saving 
(2) The water is not heated before it turns into a mist and add into the air, so cool mist humidifiers can save more energy than the warm one.

For all the humidifiers, there are some mutual benefits we can find.
Benefits3: Moisturize our skin 
(3) If the air is too dry, we will feel uncomfortable in our skin especially our face, exposed to the air. Condition can be worsen if we are in air-conditioned rooms.
If the cool mist air humidifier is used, it can relieve the water shortage of skin.

Benefits4: Protect your respiratory tracts
(4) An air humidifier protects our respiratory tracts. Breathing in dry air, dust in the air will adhere to the surface of the respiratory tracts. That’s part of the reason that people get inflammation. Also, a research suggested that a cool mist humidifier might reduce the possibility of catching the flu. Humidity levels over 40 percent can get rid of the virus.The use of cool mist humidifier can decrease the dust in room, protecting the respiratory tracts effectively. Particularly for the children, their respiratory tracts are not as strong as adults.

Benefits5: Make coughs more productive
(5) Dry air will cause people cough unproductively. An cool mist humidifier can help people make coughs more productive through humidifying the air. Trapped or sticky phlegm can be released by a productive cough.

Benefits6:Slow down the aging of items 
(6) Air humidifiers can also slow down the aging of furniture. Dry air will accelerate the aging or cracking of various items, including books, Musical Instruments or furniture. That’s why we need a humidifier to increase the air humidity to protect our property.

Benefits7: Reduce the possibility of static electricity
(7) Static electricity is ubiquitous in autumn and winter. when we touch objects, the feeling of sizzling and serious static electricity make people irritable, dizziness, chest tightness, nasal and throat discomfort, and so on. Humidifier can reduce the probability of static electricity. Don’t need to worry about the static electricity anymore.
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4. Cool Mist Humidifier Benefits for Your Babies!

As we mentioned above, we can see the part of the benefits the cool mist humidifier have.
We particularly mention about baby, because babies are more fragile than adults especially the few months they come out of their mother's womb.
Cool mist humidifiers mean low temperature of devices' surface, avoiding hot water accidents.
Other benefits can also help your children grow healthily.

(1) Prevent the dryness of skin
There are about 10 months for the baby living in their mother's womb, which is warm and filled with amniotic fluid. When babies get out of the womb, they need time to get used to the dry environment. That's why your baby's skin is likely to be dry, even though you use the moisturizing cream. Not to mention that if you operate heating devices or air conditions, the air can be worse.
A cool mist humidifier is a sound choice for the condition, adding moisture to the room together with your baby's skin.
(2) helpful to the infantile eczema
Many babies will suffer from some skin problems like infantile eczema. Other than what doctor's advice, we can use a humidifier to soften the baby's skin. Though such doing can not heal diseases at the root, it serves as a way to ease the suffering.

(3) Eases Coughing and Congestion
No matter what you do to prevent your baby from illness, a cold is impossible to avoid. As a father or mother, it's struggling to watch your baby suffer from illness. The worst is that babies are discouraged to use medicines. It seems that parents can do nothing to help their babies. No, a cool mist humidifier can make a difference to this kind of condition. Air with proper humidity can soothe your nasal passages and relieve coughing.

5.Why You Need to Clean Cool Mist Humidifiers

Because the minerals in the water are not filtered, ultrasonic humidifiers often produce fine gray dust that sticks to objects in the room. Some models of ultrasonic humidifiers have ceramic-type cartridges that can be refreshed. To a certain extent, its useful.

If we can’s use the totally pure water. Ordinary tap water contains a lot mineral content. Ultrasonic humidifiers have no filters. That means that the mineral content will turn into a fine white dust and go into the air together with the water mist. This mineral dust will stick on the surface of the subjects in room. Environment with too much PM2.5(fine particulate matter) has a bad impact on your health.

There is an alternative for you to reduce the dust, but it’s in a high price: use the water distilled or filtered. when it comes to the evaporative Humidifiers, we should not forget  the importance of cleaning.

If you have allergies or an asthma condition, you should pay more attention to clean your humidifiers, in order to decrease the dust. These impurities can aggravate your symptoms.
For the structure of evaporative humidifiers, we have to clean or replace the wick regularly.

The wick is easy to be block by the mineral content left by the water when it turns into a water mist and flow into the air.

6.DOS and DO NOTS For Your Cool Mist Humidifiers 
(Cleaning and Maintenance )


Do Replace water regularly
Regularly replace the old water in the water tank, for the water will go bad if you put it in tank too long. For long time storage, don’t put water in it. Place in the ventilated place to dry it out and storage in a packing box rather than a plastic bag.

DO Check the water level float switch
As to the water level float switch, we should remember to check it when it is in operation.
if impurities stick to the float, weight will increase, and the device will lose the function that shut down automatically when there is no water in the machine, affecting the normal operation.

DO Clean Air duct regularly
all kinds of humidifier < except the one powered by electricity > have pneumatic drive. Mostly, pneumatic drive will work with air outlet and inlet. Long time use of the air inlet, will also lead to dust blocking, which directly affect the diffusion of water mist. The inlet and outlet of the machine should be cleaned regularly.

DO Disconnect the power
Disconnect the power for the first place before you clean any devices for the safety matter.
Secondly, use special cleaner. When cleaning, drop 5-8 drops to the surface of the energy piece. Of course, increase or decrease how much the cleaner you need to use according to the impurity.

DO NOT Add Inferior additives
Do not add inferior additives (such as perfume) to the water tank, which will easily cause cracks in the water tank and the water holding part of the base. Such dong will affect the normal operation of the machine.

DO NOT Splash water inside
After cleaning, flush the sink with clean water. When washing, do not pour water into or splash inside the machine, so as to prevent short circuit or damage to the electronic components.


After reading this article, you may have a clear knowledge about Cool Mist Humidifier.
1. What is A Cool Mist Humidifier?

2. How Many Kinds of Cool Mist Humidifier Can We Find?

3.Cool Mist Humidifiers Benefits

4. Cool Mist Humidifier benefits for your babies!

5.Why You Need to Clean Cool Mist Humidifiers

6.Why You Need to Clean Cool Mist Humidifiers

We hope that this article can help before you make up your mind to buy a humidifier.
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