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You may have stayed in an environment with high humidity, suffering the bad influence caused by high humidity. Such as condensation, stink smells, and other phenomena. If you have asthma or some kind of allergies, you may feel more uncomfortable. If you just stay there for a short time, that’s so lucky. If you stay in such an environment for a long time, you have better take some measures to prevent your health from the problems caused by high humidity. That’s why we need a dehumidifier. In this article, we will introduce what does a dehumidifier does and dehumidifier benefits. We hope that this article can help readers live in a comfortable environment.

What does a dehumidifier do?

The humid air is sucked into the machine through the fan, and the water in the air is condensed into water droplets through the heat exchange system. Finally, the treated dry air is discharged out of the machine to reduce the relative humidity through air circulation.
By the way, here we will compare the dehumidifier with air conditions. Some people will turn on the air conditions when the humidity is high. What they do will make a difference sometimes, but sometimes it cannot help.
The difference between dehumidifiers and air conditioners: air conditioners apply the principle of cooling dehumidification, which can only be used in a certain range of temperature.
Dehumidifiers can be used at room temperature between 5-35 ℃. That means we can use a dehumidifier in both winter and spring.
Other than the range of application, a dehumidifier is better than air conditions when it comes to energy cost. Dehumidifier power consumption is only about one-fifth of the air conditioner.

Dehumidifier benefits

1.Control asthma

The air will be heavier when there is moisture in it. That’s why we always feel hard to breathe when we stay in an environment with high humidity. It also the reason why people who have asthma feel uncomfortable in high-humidity environments.
A dehumidifier can smooth the process of breathing. Though there is little evidence to support that dehumidifiers can help us to treat asthma. But a smooth breathe actually can make a difference to the control of Asthma.

2.Control the triggers to the allergies

We may know that some bacterial and viruses thrive in a high-humidity environment.
Some kinds of substances are the most common allergy triggers, especially dust mites, mold, and mildew, which are thrive in humid environments.
Someplace in your home have limited ventilation, such as bathrooms or kitchens, or basements. These spaces are common areas where moisture can build up. If you do not pay additional attention to these places. It may be easier to suffer from the problems caused by high humidity. Some of the most common reactions to allergy triggers include a Stuffy nose, Itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, wheezing, or difficulty breathing, skin rashes, and other irritation.

Other than the triggers we listed above, Mould is also a widely underestimated allergy trigger.
Mould allergy is the result of mold exposure, associating with many symptoms. Such as panic attacks, wheezing, a runny nose, and depression.
Molds also release MVOCs during their growth, which can cause health problems (especially for those with chemical sensitivity).

3.Create a more comfortable environment for working or living

Studies have shown that when the humidity is too high, the pineal gland, part of the human body, will secrete a larger amount of pineal hormone, making your body thyroxine and reducing adrenaline concentration. In such doing, Your cells will be "lazy". People in such conditions will be listless, depressed. Also, living or working in such an environment for a long time will lead to the illness of wet paralysis.

4.Protect Your Valuable Belongings With A Dehumidifier

I’m sure nobody can understand how invaluable one’s collection is. You’ve spent uncountable hours and money to collect each item. One little hurt that happens to them can make you heartbroken. Not saying that moisture can ruin all your investment.
That’s one of the dehumidifier benefits. A dehumidifier can help you to protect your valuables from moisture, mold, fungus, rust, and others.
You may have different kinds of treasures including posters, books, stamps, sports collections, musical instruments, dolls, and their clothing, pictures, etc.
A dehumidifier can get rid of the worries.

5.Moisture level

Have you ever wake up in the morning and see moisture on your windows?
The humidity creates condensation and contact with a cold window. The point is that the excess will create condensation. Excess moisture can make a great contribution to the breeding of mold. Also, if you just leave the condensation to occur, and let the water in the windows or walls drip down, the wood framing around your windows and even the wood floor will deteriorate.
That’s where dehumidifier works. By extracting proper water from the air, the humidity of the air can be maintained in a very proper range. In such doing, we can avoid the problems caused by condensation.

6.Dampen the breeding of bacterial and virus

Biological contaminants such as fungi, pathogenic bacteria, and viruses enter the body primarily through the respiratory system and affect health. Certain disease-causing microorganisms can also multiply in the air and spread to the surrounding environment thereby causing disease outbreaks. Relative humidity has an important impact on the existence and reproduction of biological pollutants, when the relative humidity is less than 50%, the temperature at 20 ℃, such environment is conducive to the growth of mold and bacteria.
appropriate relative humidity of Mold reproduction is 75% to 95%, the higher the relative humidity, the higher the reproduction rate of mold.
Relevant experiments show that humidity control at 60% or less can effectively control the growth of most microorganisms.

7.What you can do with a Portable dehumidifier

Nowadays, most of the dehumidifiers for home care in a mini size, which means that you can easily carry them to the place you want. You do not need to spend a large amount of money to install the large-scale dehumidifier for the whole house, saving the money for the energy bill. With a portable dehumidifier. You even can take them to your office. Such a dehumidifier can worth every penny.

8.Humidity and temperature

Relative humidity usually works together with air temperature and air pressure on the human body. Modern medical meteorological research shows that the human body is more suitable for the following environment: room temperature of 25 ℃ in summer, relative humidity control at 40%-50%; room temperature of 20 ℃ in winter, relative humidity control at 60%-70%.
On certain days of Summer, due to high temperature, low pressure, high humidity, human sweat inside the body is not easy to discharge. Sweating outside is not easy to be evaporated, and thus will make people irritable, tired; winter humidity is sometimes too low, the air is too dry, which is easy to cause the upper respiratory tract mucous membrane infections. According to scientific tests, the incidence of arthritis increases significantly when the inter-day variation in temperature is greater than 3°C, the inter-day variation in air pressure is greater than 10 hPa, and the inter-day variation in relative humidity is greater than 10%.

How to choose a suitable dehumidifier?

1.Two parameters

When we are choosing a dehumidifier, two parameters always appear.
Nominal dehumidification capacity: the common unit is "kg/H", this dehumidification capacity is the result of a test in an environment of a temperature of 27℃ and the relative humidity of 60%.

Rated dehumidification capacity: common units are "L/D, L/H", L/D. For example, 20L/D refers to that the machine can extract 20 L of water for running one whole day. This parameter is tested under a standard environment, which in the temperature of 30 ℃, relative humidity of 80%. If the label of the commodity is not specified, it generally refers to the rated dehumidification amount. Of course, this parameter may deviate in the specific use.

2. Match appropriate models

After understanding the dehumidification capacity, we can choose the right dehumidifier based on the intensive area.
Mostly, you can find the relative data in the product labels. If you can't find it, we advise you to consult the seller, asking them about how big space their humidifier can cover.

3. Hardware reference requirements

(1) Compressor

The most important part of the dehumidifier is the compressor. Nowadays, with the development of technology in any country, the distance between some products has been narrowed. We advise the compressor from China, which is affordable and of good quality.

(2) Water tank capacity

It would be better to choose a larger capacity of the tank as far as possible, to avoid frequent water pouring. But the bigger the water tank is, the larger the size of the humidifier is. These two points worth your attention to achieve balance because the general dehumidifier is equipped with the function of automatic shutdown when the water is full, which means that the capacity of the water tank directly determines the working time of the dehumidifier in the case of unaccompanied operation.

4. Ideal noise control

Because of the operation of the fan and compressor, the noise can not be avoided, but the advanced technology of the well-known brand can control the noise in the ideal range. If you want to use a dehumidifier during sleeping, we suggest you choose a dehumidifier that can control the noise on 45 decibels or even lower. After all, low-noise products are good for our sleep.

5. Other auxiliary functions

A dehumidifier has one major function- dehumidification, besides, with the evolution and development of the product, more and more functions are gradually configured, such as constant humidification and purification. Constant humidification can effectively maintain indoor humidity, avoiding excessive dehumidification caused by drying.
In the process of dehumidifying, the dehumidifier with purification function can purify the air at the same time through certain technologies, such as activated carbon, air anion, etc.


In this article, we introduce what does a dehumidifier do, and 8 points of dehumidifier benefits. After understanding the dehumidifier, we listed some points about how to choose a great dehumidifier that is suitable for your own condition.
If you are hesitating about whether you need to buy a dehumidifier or not, this article may help you to make up your mind.
Feel free to contact us through E-mail or telephone if you have other questions. We will reply as soon as possible.
Thanks for your reading!
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