Humidifiers Pros And Cons:Why Do You Need A Humidifier ?

Humidifiers Pros And Cons:Why Do You Need A Humidifier ?


People Living in an environment with appropriate air humidity are less easy to catch some diseases.
Besides, such an environment is a better place for working. Higher efficiency can be achieved when you work in a comfortable place.
A humidifier boasts a great duel of pros, we will introduce them one by one. After reading this article, you can have a clear knowledge about humidifier pros and cons.

1.Why Do You Need A Humidifier?


Have you ever get a nosebleed without any health reasons? When you go to a hospital or clinic for a body examination, the report shows that you are strong as a horse. Under such circumstance, the nosebleed you suffered possibly should be attributed to the air humidity of the environment. Working or living in an environment with low humidity would cause many health problems.
When the humidity is lower than 40%, dust and bacteria are easy to stick to the mucous membrane, stimulating the throat and causing a cough. Meanwhile, people are easy to come down with bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory diseases in such an environment.
Flu viruses breed faster in dry conditions. Which increases the possibility of causing allergic dermatitis, itchy skin, and other symptoms.Because of the loss of moisture in the mucous of the upper respiratory tract, people can feel dry mouth, throat swelling, and pain, hoarseness, and nosebleed.


The low humidity will be harmful to the furniture and other items of your house.
Wood swells and shrinks as humidity levels rise and fall. Shrinking wood can produce cracks. I believe nobody wants to see his luxury wooden bench get a crack. So are the other items made of wood like some musical instruments, books, stamp collections. If you use timber flooring in your house, you should aware that bent boards and gaps between planks are hints of low humidity.
In addition to these items, low humidity will be harmful to the electronic equipment because of static electricity. It also can be bad for your health. The static electricity caused by low humidity will affect your central nervous system, making people feel fatigued, irritability, insomnia, and headache.
From the negative effects of low humidity we mentioned above, we can know that how necessary a humidifier is. The device enables you to avoid many problems. If you have met the conditions above, consider whether you need a humidifier.

2.Different Types of Humidifiers

Cool Mist Humidifiers 

1. Ultrasonic humidifiers

With an ultrasonic vibrator, an ultrasonic humidifier can turn water into mist quietly and disperse them into the air.
Advantage:1. Quite affordable. You can spend about 20-30 $ to get an ultrasonic humidifier.

2. With mature technology and various brands to choose from, you do not need to worry about the replacement of components or maintenance.

3.Humidify fast and quietly. Compared with other types of cool mist humidifiers, ultrasonic units are quieter because they have no air fans. With a different inner mechanism, they can humidify intensive space fast than other units.

Disadvantage: Except for pure water, all the water will contain the mineral substance. In the process of turning water into mist, the minerals will be separated as well and finally be emitted to the air along with the mist. These minerals will contaminate the environment and have negative effects on us. While humidifying, the place near the humidifier is easy to be wet out because of water residuals

2. Evaporative humidifiers

An evaporative humidifier includes a fan, wick, and reservoir. The water inside the reservoir will break by the fan. The internal wick filter is used to absorb water while the fan blows the air through the filter. In such doing, the water will be evaporated as a find and invisible mist, humidifying your room.

Advantage:1. With a filter, impurities or minerals left by the operation of evaporating water can be absorbed. It’s                           convenient to use tap water to run the humidifier.
                   2.Water will be evaporated totally. Unlike ultrasonic humidifiers, you don’t need to worry about the                              water residual.
Disadvange:1. As to the speed of humidifying, an evaporative humidifier can not do as better as an ultrasonic                              unit does.
                    2. Evaporative humidifiers are expensive than ultrasonic humidifiers. Other than price, you should                              also take the time you spend on cleaning water tanks and replacing them regularly into                                          consideration.

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3.  Warm mist humidifiers

Warm mist humidifiers boil the water in the first place and cool it down before emitting them into the air.
Advantage:1. A warm mist humidifier can be operated without a little noise.
                   2.For the step of heating water, 99% of bacterial can be eliminated. You are not necessary to clean                          the humidifiers regularly.
Disadvantage:1. The major disadvantage of warm mist humidifiers is safety. Heating water will lead to the high                                temperature of their surfaces. It would be wise to use a warm mist humidifier in the place                                        without children and pets.
                          2.For the same reason, heating water will make warm mist humidifiers more energy-                                                 consuming. Choosing a warm mist humidifier means you have to face a higher energy bill                                     unless you control the time you use the machine.

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3.Humidifiers Pros And Cons

1.Pros of Humidifiers

Know more about Kloudic humidifiers 
(1) Increase the humidity of the air
The air will be dry in winter. When turning on the air conditioner overnight, the air in the room will be dry as well. People often feel dry mouth, sore throat, skin peeling, and other symptoms when getting up in the morning. Dryness caused by low humidity can also cause a lot of harm. A humidifier can solve these symptoms through add humidity to the environment.

(2) Prevent girls from tight skin and wrinkles
Dry air can speed up the loss of moisture in our skin, leading to fiber fracture. Such damage is irreversible, giving rise to wrinkles that are not easy to recover. Using a humidifier can let the environment humidity reach a comfortable level. Which keeps your skin in a comfortable condition.

(3) prevent the elderly and children from respiratory problems
Dry air is easy to cause respiratory diseases, such as asthma, emphysema, tracheitis, and other respiratory infections, especially in the elderly, children, and other groups with weak immunity.
As the humidifier works, a large number of negative oxygen ions will be released. Which effectively increases the humidity. Besides, the negative oxygen ions can be combined with smoke, dust in the air. Increased weight will let these impurities fall to the ground. The air in the room will be fresh.

(4) slow down the aging speed of furniture
For furniture, aging speed will be accelerated if be placed in a dry environment. Such problems as Cracks and being out of shape are possible to occur. Especially the items made of wood, including musical instruments, books, and so on.
The range of best air humidity to both humans and items is 45% to 65%. A humidifier can help us to control the humidity.

(5) Improve work efficiency
This advantage of humidifiers always is ignored. Appropriate humidity makes a great difference to your work efficiency. Research shows that we can find our groove when the humidity is in a certain range.

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2.Cons of Humidifiers

However, it should be noted that not all the ways we use humidifiers are good for our health, nor are they suitable for all groups of people. If the humidifier is not used properly, it can cause harm to your body.

(1) Mostly, we will use the tap water to operate a humidifier. The minerals and impurities produce a large amount of PM2.5, leading to air pollution. If you do not clean the water tank regularly, the virus and bacterial will breed at a fast speed and get into the air along with the water. Which increases the possibility of suffering from pneumonia.

(2) if the air humidity is too high, people will feel chest tightness and breathing difficulties. Humidifiers can aggravate arthritis and diabetes. So we have better choose a humidifier with a timing function.

(3) Improper use of a humidifier will lead to high humidity, providing a suitable environment for microorganisms floating in the air. Breeding of bacterial will make groups with relatively weak resistance easy to get ill. 


According to the humidifiers pros and cons we list above, we list the precautions for you.
(1).Clean regularly
Except for the warm mist humidifiers, other types of humidifiers need to face the problem of bacterial breeding. To avoid the health problems cause by the virus, we must replace the water every day and clean your device on a regular basis. If you choose to buy a humidifier with a filter, remember to change the filter regularly as well.

(2).Control power when operating
You may know that what result we can get if the humidity is higher than the standard level. It’s necessary to control the power, adjusting the humidity to a proper level. We advise you to choose a humidifier with a humidity-controlling function or intelligence mode.

(3).The use of additives
Adding special additives to the water can help us achieve unexpected results. But we must be careful when there is a pregnant woman. We must not add disinfecting water into the humidifier. The disinfecting water will cause toxic gas if you use a humidifier to vaporize it.

(4).Locating place
If you choose a warm mist humidifier, you should put it in a place where your children and pets can’t touch it. A safe locating place can prevent them from burns.


We introduced a great deal information about humidifiers, including
1.Why We Need A Humidifier
2.Different Types of Humidifiers
3.Humidifiers Pros And Cons
4.Precautions for Use
We hope this article can help. If you have any other questions.send an email to us, we will reply as soon as possible. Thanks for your reading 
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