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With the development of technology, people can conquer part of nature. In the winter of a primitive age, people can only use their clothes and make a fire to keep their bodies warm. Nowadays, with various kinds of space heaters, we can easily warm our living environment to a comfortable level. Other than the central heating for a large space, we can choose a mini space heater for a relatively small room. In this article, we will share the content about various types of mini space heaters and how they function. Besides, we also will share some matters that need your attention during the operation of mini space heaters.

Different ways of heat transfer

Before we buy a space heater. First of all, we need to have an understanding of the different ways of heat transfer, which determine the type of electric heater. Different types of electric heaters are various in actual heating efficiency.
There are three main ways of heat transfer: heat conduction, heat convection, and heat radiation.

Heat conduction

Heat conduction means that transferring heat through physical contact. We all know that between two contacting objects, heat is always transferred from the item of high temperature to the object of low temperature.
Main equipment applying such a way to heating the subject includes warm water bags, hand warmers, and electric blankets. It’s no that difficult to understand the way it works: our body directly in contact with the device to obtain heat.

Heat convection

Heat convection is the process by which heat is transferred from one space to another by heating air or liquid. This heat transfer method is the main way used in an electric heater. The main reason is that the heating mode is more healthy and not that easy to cause dryness, and its range of heating is more extensive.

Let’s take an oil-filed heater as an example. The thermal oil will be heated by the heating tub, and then the heat will be transfer to the heat sink, which finally heat the surrounding air.
through the heating tube to heat the thermal oil, oil-filed heater the thermal oil will transfer the heat to the heat sink, and then the heat sink will heat the surrounding air. That’s how an oil-filed heater achieves heating. The fan heater is more simple.
Through the PTC heating element, the cold air can be heat in the machine and blown out, to achieve heating.

Thermal radiation

Thermal radiation refers to a phenomenon in which an object radiates electromagnetic waves due to its temperature. Electromagnetic waves with thermal energy can transfer heat to the irradiated object. It’s the same as how the sun transfers heat to the earth.
the main application of such a mechanism is the Convector heater.
The disadvantage of this heating method is that the heating range is small, only the irradiated area will be warm.

Various types of mini space heaters

There are four main types of portable electric heater:

Fan heaters

Fan heaters are usually small in size and capable of heating a room quickly

At present, the electric heating elements mainly include ordinary electric heating wire and PTC components. Compared with ordinary electric heating wire, the PTC element has the characteristics of automatic power adjustment and self-limiting temperature

The fan heater uses the fan in the heater to suck the indoor cold air from outside. The cold air will flow through the heating component inside the machine and then become the hot air. Finally, the hot air will be emitted outside to achieve the purpose of heating.

Advantages: Among all the electric heaters, fan heaters boast the fastest speed because of the forced air circulation. Fan heaters have a small size, which is easy to move. Many fan heaters launched recently have an IPX24 level anti-splash effect. You can even use it in the bathroom.
Disadvantages: The warm temperature can not last for a long time. Especially when you open the windows or doors, the temperature will get back to the normal temperature.

Convector heaters

Convector (or convection) heaters have a unique design and spread warmth throughout the room through radiation(not directly to the people) With an internal heating element, a convector heater can produce hot air that rises, causing the cooler air to fall. Such a circulation can heat the whole room in a relatively slow way. Such replacement between cool air and warm air can make the heating more thorough.

Advantages: ultra-thin, space-saving, beautiful appearance, fast heating, no noise, using natural convection mode to increase the indoor temperature.

Disadvantages: the indoor air convection range is not wide enough. The overall heating speed is slightly slow. Different brands and models of heating components have a large gap.

Oil-filled heaters

With excellent heating effect, Oil-filled heater is usually larger
One of the heater components is filled with heat-conducting oil, and the surface has a large area of the heat sink. After the power is connected, the heat-conducting oil around the inner heavy electric heating element is heated, and then the heat is distributed to space through the heat sink to achieve the purpose of heating.

Advantages: Using the oil with a high boiling point as thermal media. With a large heat sink, oil-filled heaters can achieve a good heating effect. No noise and good user experience.

Disadvantages: slow heating. large size, heavyweight; It has the risk of oil leakage if
if subject to external forces or the use of poor quality products and the risk of oil leakage under the effect of external force.

Infrared radiant heaters

Commonly used for local heating, Infrared radiant heaters are good tools for office heating. At present, the common infrared radiation heater on the market mainly includes quartz tube heater, halogen tube heater, infrared lamp heater (bath bar), ceramic reflective heater (also known as the small sun) and plate far-infrared electric heater, etc.

Relying on electric radiation elements and reflective devices, infrared radiant heaters can launch infrared radiation in a specific direction to achieve the heat transfer function.

Advantages: Without noise, the temperature of irradiation direction risk quickly.

Disadvantages: Infrared radiant heaters only work for local heating, which means the overall regulation effect of the indoor temperature is not obvious. Other than this, quartz tube/halogen tube fragile are easy to damage by falling collision.

Buying Considerations and Tips

1. Safety

To the household appliances, The first thing we should focus on is the safety of the product.
Compared with the accident that happened to people, the breakdown or damage of the products is not that important. You have better avoid the products without any certifications.

According to the classification of the mini space heater, we listed above. including their advantages and disadvantages, you can choose one heater on the basis of your own requirement.

3. Price-performance

The short answer is to choose products that perform as well as possible within your budget.

4. Heating power

Heating power directly determines the heating effect of the product, of course, the thermal efficiency of the product should also be considered.

5. Applicable area

You should Pay attention to the applicable area of the space heater you choose.
If you only need a heater for local heating, a convector heater is overqualified. You have to waste more money on it and can not take full advantage of the products. Just choose the products according to the room area you want to heat.

Matters need attention

1.For the drying problem caused by the use of an electric heater, it is recommended to use it with a humidifier, or put a basin with half a basin of water in the corner.
Dryness caused by the space heater is unavoidable, we can only try to make it up.

2. when using the electric heater, you should keep a certain distance between the outlet of a space heater and the surrounding entity to avoid the high temperature of the space heater burning the surrounding items.
Do not put clothes, towels, and other items on the surface of an electric heater.

3.Some heaters have a waterproof function, but it does not mean that you can splash the water directly into the space heater. Especially when you use it in the bathroom, you have better put them in a safe place.

4.Children should be forbidden to touch the air outlet, heating wire, and other components which will be in high temperature during operation.

5. The power requirements: the socket should not be located above the electric heater, to prevent the burning caused by the rise of heat. If there is an appliance that is easy to make sudden and frequent changes in current, such as welding machines, impact drills, hammers, and others, we should avoid using space heaters with the appliances together. Otherwise, it is easier to damage the electric heater.

6. The placement of oil-filled electric heater: oil-filled electric heater must be placed upright to use, if placed upside down, flat or oblique, it will cause damage to the heating tube.


In this article, we have introduced much knowledge about Mini space heater, including :
Different ways of heat transfer
Various types of mini space heaters
Buying Considerations and Tips
Matters need attention

This content can help you have a clear understanding of how a space heater works, different kinds of space heaters. When you make up your mind to buy a space heater, the following content about buying considerations and tips can help you to buy a proper device. After the purchase, the last part of this article can prevent you from the potential dangers in the operation.
If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us through email or telephone, we will reply as soon as possible.
Thanks for your reading!
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