Space Heater VS Gas Furnace Side-by-side Comparison

Like a Stark at Winterfell, you look outside, remember last years cold and once again state Winter is coming. How are you going to heat up your home this year? You know about space heaters and of course gas heaters, but which one to choose from? The "Space Heater vs Gas Furnace" debate goes on. What is the better one to choose? How do they even work? Which one should I choose and which is cheaper on your bills?

Although giving out heat is the only thing similar between the two of them, your unique situation may decide which one is the best for you.

Space Heater vs Gas Furnace Checklist

For a quick look for Space Heaters vs Gas Furnaces, check this list with the pros and cons for each option.

Space Heater

A space heater is a device used to heat a single, small area. Space heaters are powered by electricity or a burnable fuel, such as natural gas, propane, fuel oil, or wood pellets. And here at Kloudic we design ceramic space heaters powered by electricity, which is what this side-by-side comparison will be about.
# Low initial costs
# Easily portable and low maintenance
# Ideal for small areas or as supplementary heating
# Potential danger of being overheated if not supervised
# Requires attention, cannot leave it alone
# Not enough for large rooms

Gas Furnace

A gas furnace is a home heating appliance that consumes natural gas. It ignites the gas inside, warming up the air which is then delivered throughout your home.
# Provides powerful heat
# Natural gas is often less expensive
# 10-20 years' life span with regular maintenance
# Ideal for larger homes / cold climate
# Uses natural gas lines (if you don’t have them, may be super expensive to install/cannot be done)
# Must have a carbon monoxide detector running in your home
# Normally have to purchase an additional indoor coil

The Power of a Space Heater

Regarding size vs output, a space heater is great. It provides a lot of heat vs its size however the heat is not unlimited. If you need to heat up a whole house, a space heater vs gas furnace you should pick a gas heater. If you are looking to heat up a single room/space then the space heater will most likely be a better and cheaper option.

Do You Need to Install A Space Heater?

Compared to a gas heater, the installation of a space heater is laughable. Why? Well unless you consider putting a plug into a socket installing (I seriously hope no one does) then “installing” a space heater is the easiest thing in the world.

The only thing you should be considerate of is not plugging it into an extension cable. Although safety standards have increased dramatically over the years, "safe" is always better than "sorry". And plugging it directly into the mains reduces one more worry on your household.

Costs of A Space Heater

The costs of a space heater can be divided into two categories.

1. Cost of Purchase

It's a no-brainer purchasing a space heater vs a gas furnace because the space heater is miles cheaper. Just check out our prices for ceramic space heaters and you can see the prices start from $25 for some models. In comparison, $6000 is the average price of installing a gas furnace throughout your whole home.
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2.Cost of Running

If you are planning on just heating one or two rooms at maximum, again a space heater will be cheaper on your bills. Anything more and the gas furnace bills start to become more and more attractive.
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Space Heater Maintenance

A space heater maintenance generally is as hard as that of a fan. A quick wipe of dust here and there, and depending on the model change the filter when required - super simple! Comparatively, gas furnaces will require an annual check up depending on how old they are.

Space Heater Safety

Space Heaters tend to be very safe with multiple fail-safes such as tip-over protection, overheat protection and cool touch features. However as always, we recommend constant supervision just in case.

Gas Heaters

# Gas Heater Power

If space heaters are the king of small spaces then gas furnaces are the empires of the home. If you need to heat up multiple rooms, a gas furnace or heater is the way to go. However if it is just for your office / a small room, we will still recommend a space heater for the cost saving measures.

# Gas Furnace Installation

Installing your gas furnace in your home is going to be definitely an eye-watering moment. At an average cost of $6000 if your home hasn’t already got gas heating, this is an investment and a half for most of us. The reason is because you are installing it for the entire house.

# Gas Heater Running Costs & Maintenance

Finally comes something that is in the benefit of the gas furnace vs space heater debate. If you are heating your whole house, the gas furnace will generally be the much cheaper option thanks to gas being cheaper than electricity.

Gas heater maintenance vs space heaters is again a different ball game. Generally HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) companies recommend having your gas checked by a professional on an annual basis, especially the older models with the wear and tear of the years of use.

# Gas Furnace Safety

Gas furnaces are generally safe with only three main areas of concern:

1.Carbon monoxide poisoning
2.Potential fire hazard
3.Gas leaks
The main hazard is carbon monoxide poisoning which is why you are required to install a carbon monoxide detector close to the furnace to detect the carbon monoxide early on for your safety. The second is a potential fire hazard as you are burning gas and finally potential gas leaks from the pipes.

The Conclusion to Space Heaters vs Gas Furnaces

In conclusion depending on your budget and overall objective, either a gas furnace or space heater may do the job for you.

For small rooms/single rooms/apartments a space heater may full well be all you need for your heating needs while a gas heater will most likely be the better option if you plan on heating the whole home. If you might spend most of your time in only one room, again a space heater may help you save costs on your monthly bills!

If you have any other questions, leave a comment and we will be sure to answer!

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