【DH-QN12】Kloudic Electric Thermostat Heater

  • ECO Thermostat: Quick heat in 2s and an adjustable range from 59 to 99°F. After reaching the set temperature, the heater will be in energy-saving mode, automatically adjusting the operating power to keep the room comfortable.
  • 24-hr Timer & 3 Modes: The timer is set 1 hour added by each press. The product also has 3 modes of heat setting - High (1500W), Middle (900W) and Normal Fan Mode.
  • 90° Oscillation: The ceramic heater rotates from side to side, evenly distributing warm air to different parts of space for optimal efficient heating comfort, ideal for use in offices and at home.
Price: $147.99
  • LED Touch Panel & Remote Control: All settings (heating modes, timer, oscillation, temperature) can be done in either short or long distances. 


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