Can I set a humidity level for the dehumidifier to shut off at?

No, but it will automatically shut off when the water tank is at capacity.

How to clean the product?

Clean it with neutral detergent, wip to dry with a soft and dry cloth. Do NOT wash it directly with water.

Why is the dehumidifier underperforming?

It performance is affected by factors such as surrounding humidity, temerature, space size, airflow speed (window / door closed or not).

How to empty the water bank?

Set the machine powered off, rotate the upper part of the body anticlockwise to remove the tank off. Take off the cover and pour the water.

Is the product battery operation?

No, it comes with a power cord and works with direct power sources.

How can the unit achieve humidistat effect?

Set in Auto Mode, the product will altomatically stop dehumidifying when the humidity reaches a healthy level - 50%. Once the humidity goes higher, the machine will work again.

How to set the LED light?

1. Lock a specific color; 2. Set the light change automatically, 7 colors a round; 3. Turn off the light.

Why there is value error of humidity?

Any humidity sensor has detenction distance limit (nearby only). Even if the test places are similar, please allow a deviation of about 5% due to differences in the components of the test instrument.

Is it noisy?

Strong mode and auto mode have higher fan speed, so the noise is relatively higher. If you prefer lower noise, we advise you change it to sleep mode.

Why is it underperforming - less water in the tank?

The dehumidification capacity will be affected by temperature, humidity and room size. If the indoor temperature is lower than 15°C/59°F, the dehumidification effect is not obvious.

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