Can I attach a hose to this dehumidifier to drain elsewhere instead of filling up the tank?

Negative, there isn’t anywhere to attach a hose. Emptying the tank is very simple and takes all of 10 seconds. Also, it doesn’t fill as fast as it seems to be.

Dehumidifier shuts off immediately after I turn it on, what should I do?

Make sure the power connection is strong and there's nothing interfering with or crimping the cord. Then check whether the water container is all the way back into place. Only a quick tap can turn on the machine, no need to hold the button down.

How to empty the water bank?

Turn off the machine, take out the tank by holding both sides and pressing the front cover with fingers. Take off the cover and pour out the water inside.

How to change the color of the lights?

The 7-color lights will be on as the product is working. Press the "bulb" button to lock your desired color; second press to turn the light off; third press to turn on the light again.

I want to keep this dehumidifier running for a few days, is it ok?

Of course, but it will automatically turn off when the water tank is full and the light turns red.

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