Why does my heater make the beeping sound and fail to turn off without having to unplug?

The product beeps for about 5 seconds and then it powers off. If yours is not powering off automatically after a short beep, then the product might have a problem and please contact us.

Why it still blows wind after I touch the shutdown button on the panel?

Once the shutdown button is pressed, the PTC heating material will stop working, but the fan will blow natural wind for 20 seconds due to a protective mechanism.

What happens when the power goes off, does it come back on?

If you unpluged the product before and now plug again, the heater is turning ON in stand by mode and you can start the heating mode by using the remote or walk to it and press a button on its console.

How is the timer function?

It has a 24-hour timer setting, and one press for one hour. It is recommended to set the timer to 8 hours before going to bed / working and enjoy a comforting warmth.

Does this tower heater has a thermostat?

Yes, it has an ECO thermostat. You can easily set the temperature from 59-99°F, after the set temperature is reached, the heater will be converted to energy-saving mode and automatically adjust the operating power to keep the room comfortable.

How to clean the product?

Switch off the heater and clean it with soft cloth and neutral detergent.

Why it has some odor?

The odor is from the protective layer on the surface of heating sheet. It is not harmful, smells slight and will no longer exist after using for a few times.

Can the heater sit with the back next to the wall?

No. The air inlet cannot be blocked and please keep more than 4 inches away from the wall.

Can I put the QN06 heater on hardwood flooring, a wooden dresser or table?

Yes. The maximum temperature of it is 221 °F, which won't be too hot. However, please do NOT use it near anything that easily be sucked in (eg. curtain), or humid places (eg. bathtub, swimming pool).

Can I leave the QN06 heater running while sleeping?

Yes, it would not be a problem. Due to the over-heat protection setting, the product will automatically turn off when its temperature reaches 221 °F, and back to work when it cools down to 194 °F.

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