Why it doesn't work after I touch the panel?

Please check if you have turned on the button in the back. This mechanical design is to better protect your safety.

Why it still blows wind after I touch the shutdown button on the panel?

Once the shutdown button is pressed, the PTC heating material will stop working, but the fan will blow natural wind for 20 seconds due to a protective mechanism.

How does the protection plan work?

This space heater has three safety features which are the tip-over switch, V0 flame retardant material and the overheat protection.

Why it doesn't work when I put it on the carpet?

Put on a soft place, the anti-tip protection inside will make the product automatically turned off or unable to turn on. Therefore, a flat and solid support is highly recommended.

Can this heater be used inside a tent for camping or in a car?

This heater is not battery-operated, therefore it can't be used in a car or camping tent. It's designed for heating up an indoor corner with direct charge, such as under the desk in the office.

Can I leave this QN02 heater switched to “on” all the time and control it with a smart plug?

No. Once power is supplied to the device it must be turned on with a button click on the device. There is not a toggle type switch where it can remain in the ON position when “unplugged.”

Why do I see that some pictures have on/off on the top of the heater, and there's also an on/off button on the back of it too? Are they both the same?

The button on top is on/off for fan. The switch on the back is for power going to the unit itself. Basically, you will hardly use button on top and mostly will turn it off/on from switch on back.

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