Air Purifier

Why there is odor at the air oulet?

For new machine, some odor is normal and will disappear soon; for used one, maybe it's time to replace the filter inside.

Why the air flow is significantly reduced?

Please check: 1. the filter packaging has been removed? 2. the speed is set as "Low"? 3. the air filter needs to be replaced? 4. not enough clearance space (15 inches at least) around?

Why the product makes an unusual noise during operation?

Please check if the air filter is dirty / not installed properly, or there is some foreign object inside.

How to replace the filter?

Contrarotate the base cover to unlock the product. Then remove and unwrap the composite filter. Finally fit it back and turn the base cover clockwise to "Locked" status.

When should I replace the filter inside?

When the filter is used for more than 2000 hours and the indicator light keeps flashing as alert, it's time to replace a new one. The frequency might be 3-6 months, depending on the actual air quality and use of the Air Purifier.

Can I set a humidity level for the dehumidifier to shut off at?

No, but it will automatically shut off when the water tank is at capacity.

Can I place the JS06 humidifier on the wooden floor?

No, the wooden furniture neither, unless there is a towel being placed between the product and the ground.

Can the heater sit with the back next to the wall?

No. The air inlet cannot be blocked and please keep more than 4 inches away from the wall.

Can I put the QN06 heater on hardwood flooring, a wooden dresser or table?

Yes. The maximum temperature of it is 221 °F, which won't be too hot. However, please do NOT use it near anything that easily be sucked in (eg. curtain), or humid places (eg. bathtub, swimming pool).

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