How can the unit achieve humidistat effect?

Set in Auto Mode, the product will altomatically stop dehumidifying when the humidity reaches a healthy level - 50%. Once the humidity goes higher, the machine will work again.

How to set the LED light?

1. Lock a specific color; 2. Set the light change automatically, 7 colors a round; 3. Turn off the light.

Why there is value error of humidity?

Any humidity sensor has detenction distance limit (nearby only). Even if the test places are similar, please allow a deviation of about 5% due to differences in the components of the test instrument.

Is it noisy?

Strong mode and auto mode have higher fan speed, so the noise is relatively higher. If you prefer lower noise, we advise you change it to sleep mode.

Why is it underperforming - less water in the tank?

The dehumidification capacity will be affected by temperature, humidity and room size. If the indoor temperature is lower than 15°C/59°F, the dehumidification effect is not obvious.

Why the mist becomes smaller after used for a while?

If you have set the humidify, the product will detect the indoor environment and adjust its mist. Once the set humidify is reached, the mist will become smaller to maintain the status.

Can I place the JS06 humidifier on the wooden floor?

No, the wooden furniture neither, unless there is a towel being placed between the product and the ground.

How to fill up the humidifier?

Remove the lid to fill, or pour the water directly into the special hole on the lid. DO NOT add water into the nozzle.

How to set the humidistat?

The default humidity level is 75%, and each tap adds 5%. The humidity level can be set from 55% to 90%.

How often should I clean the product?

Every 2-3 weeks. Use the cloth to remove the incrustation inside the tank and wash it with running water.

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