Do You Really Need An Air Purifier And Humidifier Combo

Do you really need an Air purifier and humidifier Combo?


Through the articles written for you before, you may fully aware of the benefits, different types of Air purifier and humidifier, and the way to choose the best device according to your conditions. Other than Air purifiers and humidifiers, you may find information about "air purifier and humidifier combo", which has both functions of purification and humidification. The question occurs: would it be better if you buy an air purifier and humidifier combo, rather than buy an air purifier and humidifier separately.

Through this article, we will analyze the pros and cons of air purifiers and humidifier combo and share some information about air purifiers and humidifiers. In such doing, you can make a fair comparison between buying a purifier and humidifier combo and buying them separately.

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Why We Need An Air Purifier Or Humidifier ?

With an increasingly serious urban haze, the PM2.5 index in many cities always fails to meet the standard. People are paying more attention to the issue of air quality.
According to the studies from World Health Organization, 7 million people die from air pollution every year. More than 90 percent of children in the world live in an environment with heavily polluted air.
About 600,000 children die from acute lower respiratory infections each year. Particularly, air quality will be more important when you have children at home.
Pollutants and air humidity make an obvious difference to the air quality and our health. An air purifier can circulate the air through the filters inside the device, absorbing different kinds of pollutants. Humidifiers can add moisture into the air, improving the humidity to a healthy level.
Clean air and proper humidity in the house can prevent many kinds of diseases, including Upper respiratory tract infection, bronchial asthma, rickets in children, and so on.

How Do Air Purifier And Humidifier Work?

Air purifier

The air purifier is composed of a fan and an air filter system. The fan in the machine rotates to circulate the indoor air. The pollutants are removed through the filter screen in the machine. Through the way air purifiers function, it is not difficult to see that the two indicators contributing to the purification capacity: the exhaust capacity of the fan and the purification capacity of the filter screen. In line with the real environment of home use, we also need to consider the noise problem when the purifier is working.

At present, the common air purifier filter on the market includes HEPA filter (high-efficiency filter), activated carbon filter, metal catalyst filter, which is suitable for different effects. Many manufacturers have launched composite filters integrated with multiple components. The HEPA filter can absorb chemical smoke, bacteria, dust particles, and pollen. Activated carbon filter has the effect of deodorization and adsorption of harmful gases. Metal catalyst filters can catalyze the decomposition of harmful gases.
Air purifier for home


There are many types of humidifiers you can find in the market. In this part of the content, we will choose the major type. Ultrasonic humidifier applies the technology of electronic high-frequency vibration. Through the high-frequency vibration of the atomizing sheet, the water in the humidifier is turned into the mist and achieve humidification. The humidification process does not need to heat or add any chemical agents.

It is mainly composed of atomizing sheets and a water tank. Such a simple structure can enable it to run with low power consumption. Besides, it can directly diffuse the water mist into the air, and the humidification efficiency is relatively high when compared to other types of humidifiers.

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Why we don't buy Air Purifier And Humidifier Combo?

As we all know, heating in winter easily leads to dry and sultry indoor air, which will bring the huge demand for humidifiers. While in the relative humid areas, the demand for humidifiers is relatively low. In short, the demands of the products depend on the environment. It seems that the air purifier with humidification function is very convenient, it can satisfy our needs of humidifcation and purification the same time, you only need to pay for one time and save more space of your house. However, is that a true? Reading on, you will get the answer.

Research shows that: Part of the air purifier and humidifier combo in the market are developed from the clean humidifier. Filters inside the humidifiers absorb water from the sink and send out the humidifying gas through the fan after the water is gasified. Combined with the bacteriostatic device, electrolytic sterilization technology enables the device to relize the purification at the same time. However,  professional institutions also show that humidification and purification are difficult to combine. Products with excellent humidification can not be satisfied in the function of air purification.

From the development of the Japanese air purifier market in recent years, though the market share of the mixed-function air purifier is increasing, more high-end consumers still favor professional purification or humidification products rather than air purifier and humidifier combo. The professional product's performance is greater than the air purifier and humidifier combo.

At present, the mainstream purifiers on the market use HEPA filters. The basic principle of the HEPA filter is to effectively block particulate matter through its high-density mesh structure. There is another way to strengthen the filtering of fine particulate matter. It is named electrostatic adsorption.
Because of the material and high-density characteristics, HEPA filters have static electricity. Therefore, they can filter more fine particles such as PM2.5 in the air through adsorption.

When consumers buy a new air purifier, the HEPA filter is generally sealed with a separate layer of plastic, rather than directly installed in the machine. This layer of plastic is mainly used to protect the electrostatic capacity of the HEPA. Besides, almost all HEPA filter should not be washed in water, which will be written in the matters need attention. Not only because water can destroy the mesh structure, more important reason is that the electrostatic capacity of the HEPA filter will reduce after washing.

When the air purifier is equipped with the humidification function, it means that the humid air will pass through the HEPA filter. As we mentioned above, the electrostatic capacity of the HEPA filter is weakened. Also, HEPA is easy to mold and led to the breeding of bacterial for a long time wet environment. Other than the secondary air pollution, it also will greatly reduce the service life of the HEPA filter. Such circumstances will double the cost of maintenance
From a professional point of view, humidification products generally need to meet two prerequisites to be green and healthy: One is using clean water to humidify, the second one is without a sink. 

First of all, "Ultrasonic shock" and "natural evaporation" are two kinds of technology applied by most humidifiers in the market. Ultrasonic oscillations are easy to spread the impurities in the water to the air, leading to secondary pollution in the air. "Natural evaporation" will cost more energy. Though it can produce pure water molecules, the overall result is difficult to meet the demand of routine humidification.

Secondly, the air purifier and humidifier combo humidify the filter screen through the sink, humidifying and purifying the air then. In this process, it is easy to produce scale and other pollutants, which also increases the risk of secondary pollution. Nowadays, few products on the market can meet the standard.

At present, there are various kinds of air purifier and humidifier combo on the market. Many manufacturers will also publicize the humidification function as an important selling point. Through the above analysis, we can know that the combination of humidification and purification is not as easy as might be thought.


In conclusion, we advise you to buy the air purifier and humidifier separately. An air purifier and a humidifier have different functions. So you can use them together in the same room. However, you should not place them close because the moisture from the humidifier can damage the HEPA filter in the air purifier.

Other than the placement of two devices. We should also focus on maintenance. You should clean your humidifier frequently to avoid add mineral particles to the air, which can be harmful to your body. As to the purifier, maintenance primarily means replacing filters regularly.


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