12 Types of Portable Heater for Rooms You Need And Which One Fits Your Lifestyle!

12 Types of Portable Heater for Rooms You Need And Which One Fits Your Lifestyle 


Human always prefers to live,work in a warm place rather than a cold one. In the winter, we have to face the problem that how to keep our home or office warm. Our ancestors drilled wood to make fire. Nowadays, with the advance of technology, we don’t need to do that anymore. We can buy a portable heater for room.

Many kinds of space heaters for room can provide us a comfortable environment with warm air. There are two kinds of portable heaters for room  their different structure and the way they work.

1. Convention heaters

A convection heater (otherwise known as a convector heater) is a type of portable heater for room that uses convection currents to heat and circulate air.
(source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convection_heater)

The explanation of the convection heater from Wiki shows us that this kind of portable heater for room warms our room by heating the air in the first place.

That means the convention heater for room needs a relatively long time to warm our room if we compare it with infrared heaters.

2. Infrared heaters (Heat lamp)

An infrared heater or heat lamp is a body with a higher temperature that transfers energy to a body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation

This kind of portable heater for room instead of increasing the temperature of the air firstly, transmits the heat directly to clothing and skin.The infrared heater can heat the temperature quicker than the convection heater.

These two kinds of portable heaters for room are the most common type people will choose.In the following parts of the article, we will compare them from different perspectives.

Best portable heater for Room

The first point that should be taken into consideration is the place where you want to warm up. We should choose portable heaters for room with different power according to the size of your room area. Usually, an electric heater of 900W is appropriate to the bedroom of 12 square meters. The room of 15 square meters is suitable for a 1500W electric heater.

And the bedroom of 20 square meters, under the circumstance, that the power supply line allows, can choose the electric heater of 2000W above. In an office or room, when only one person needs to warm, buying an infrared heater will be a good choice. Instead, convection heaters will be better if the whole family wants to heat together.

As the convection heaters for room need to heat the air first, they would be more suitable for the small and enclosed spaces like bedrooms, offices, basement areas, and family areas. Infrared heaters can be used in outside spaces like garages and sheds. When it comes to energy-saving, this is another point we will take into account.

The real question we should focus on is not how efficient a portable heater for room is, but how effective it is at increasing the temperature of the intended space. So the key tip of saving energy when using a portable heater for room is choosing a proper kind of heater according to space.

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Precautions for use

Though the advance of technology increasingly lowers the risk when we use portable heaters for room, we still can see how harmful the portable heat can be if we use them unproperly from the statistics.

When using a portable heater for room, we have a lot of matters needing attention and take some safe operation. Before we using high-power heaters, we should fully aware of the maximum current that the power supply can bear.

According to the total power divided by 220, the maximum current required can be calculated.
Lines, protectors, switches, sockets, and so on with a slight margin can be used, otherwise, there will be danger of burning, leakage, and spontaneous combustion.

Sockets cannot be located in heating parts too close, cannot be covered by other items. When there is no person in the bedroom, the heaters' power must be shut down.

As to the installation and position of portable heaters for room, they should be put in a place that is not easy to fetch.
being far away from combustible content, most portable heaters for room should be more than 20 cm or so back from the wall.

If the electric heater is placed in the bathroom, we should be more careful to avoid the adverse consequences caused by the water.We have better install power supply sockets outside the bathroom, and protect the wires of heaters by using insulating rubber.Also, we must make sure that preventing the joint of the heater and wire from water.

Some people like to lean against low-power heaters to keep warm, and even put their hands and feet on the radiator, which is easy to burn themselves.

Some people bring their portable heaters for room directly toward their bodies.If they do so for a long time, their skin will be hurt. So, when using the portable heater for room, you have better not be too close to them, especially don't turn the heater air outlet directly toward a part of your body. Skin in the winter will gradually lose surface grease, leading to poor moisturizing ability.

Under the circumstance, if we still use the heaters indoors, the atmosphere will be more dry, resulting in skin water shortage, chapped, itching. Accordingly, when using a portable heater at home, we should struggle to increase indoor humidity. For example, we can raise a few water plants, put a few bowls of water or clean the ground regularly, use a humidifier, and so on.

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How to choose a portable heater for room 

1.Safety functions

During the process of purchasing, we should pay attention to whether portable heaters for room have a temperature limiter, temperature controller, and other multiple safety protection. All these settings can help us avoid fire accidents, and keep our children and pets safe.

2.Environment protection 

Environment protection is one of the factors people will consider when choosing a portable heater for room. Mostly, an environment-friendly product is also beneficial to human health. Mostly, a portable heater for room powered by electricity will be a better choice because it would not give out smoke or any harmful gas.

3.Brand credibility

We ought to choose a brand with sound credibility and great popularity. Most of the time, these brands can live up to their popularity, providing reliable products to the customers. 
Don’t ignore the certification label from an independent testing organization. 

4.Durability and quality

We must take into consideration that the material, electronic control, the capacity of the waterproof and dustproof, and welding process.
These factors  attribute to how long this device can be used, partly to how they look like.

5. Size

The more small the product is, the more convenient it is. A small portable heater for room can be easily carried away and put in various places, which means it can be used in more conditions, providing better price- performance.

6.Noise control 

Nobody wants to be disturbed when working or sleeping. So this is a significant element consumers will take into account. If the product you choose has a very excellent noise control, can it maintain a strong power to heat the environment ?

7. Power 

Last but not least, we should focus on the power of the device. Does the portable heater for room you choose can be suitable for your home?
Does it have the margin, in case you use it in a bigger room?
Does it have different temperature settings for you to use it in different weather ?

Apart from the quality, we should also avoid traps created by sellers.
There is a standard that electric heaters are 100% in the change between electricity and heat in theory. Don’t be 
impressed by a seller who boasts that.

We should not  trust that how big the room their product can heat. Some influent factors have been decided when the room is built, such as the ability to hold heat, insulation and nature.

“Radiant heat” and “radiation” do not mean danger. Infrared heaters are 100% safe. We should not believe any advertisement like” Our radiation is safer than others”  There is no difference from the “radiation” itself.

12 Products We Recommend 

According to the points we mentioned above, we have picked up 12 portable heaters which are worth buying for you. This list includes our products and the products from other brands. Hope it can help you make your decision.

1. Lasko Bladeless Ceramic Heater with Remote Control

Features: 1 Tower design provides stability. Let you free from the worry about tip-over.
2. Its healing power can go as high as 1500watts and go as low as 1000 watts.
3. It is proper to use in rooms up to 300 square feet.
4. The timer inside the device allows you to decide how long this heater runs.
5. The oscillation can help the warm air spread more evenly.
6. Remote control can make it more convenient for the customers to use.

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2. Lifesmart 6-Element SlimLine Heater Unit with Smart Boost Technology

Features: 1. this type of portable heater for room is powered by electricity. What you need to do is simply plug it into a socket. Then, you can enjoy a warm environment without the worries of the harmful gas.
2. With two SmartBoost heating elements, this model of portable heater can heat your room quickly than other types.
3. if you don’t want to lose the space of your floor for a portable heater, a wall-hugging design can work.

3. Lasko 1,500 Watt Cyclonic Ceramic Heater with Remote Control

Features: 1. A ceramic heating element can produce balmy wind of heat,while quickly makes a difference to the temperature of a specific area.
2. As a convention heater,the Lasko Cyclonic Ceramic Heater heats the room evenly with a fan inside.
3. The hot air vent is above the floor level, which prevents children or pets from touching the heat source.
4. the Lasko Cyclonic Ceramic Heater are able to adjust the direction of warm air.

4. Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Features:1. with two heater mechanisms to produce warm air, this type of portable heater can heat a room with over 500 feet.
2. With the combination of a PTC mechanism and a quartz element, it can produce infrared heat to warm the people and objects nearby and heat the air together.
3. There is a mode for night. In the consideration of its power, it's surprised that it can keep the noise under control.

5.DH-QN02 Portable Heater From Kloudic

Features: 1. With “Tip-over Trigger”, DH-QN02 Portable Heater is able to shut off automatically when It falls. No more worry about your kids and pets.
2. DH-QN02 Portable Heaters are powered by electricity. Using PTC ceramic elements to warm up, they do not create any kind of harmful gas like Co2. This means they are totally environment-friendly products and not harmful to your families.
3. With a small size, you can carry them anywhere effortlessly and put them everywhere you want.
4. With clear instructions and advanced technology, the noise from the product can be held under 45dB. Such dB is not at the cost of power.Only need 1 second, you can get the temperature you want. You can also choose different wind setting to fit different weather.
Natural wind for warm days, low heat, and high heat for cold days. You can use DH-QN02 Portable Heater all year. We can make sure that it is worth every penny of it.

6. Ceramic Electric Portable Heater From Comfort Zone

Features: 1. With 750 or 1500 watts of power, it can heat the room in 500 square feet.
2. 9 temperature settings can help you control the efficiency of the heating element.
which means that you can adjust the temperature slightly.
3. It will automatically shut off when tips over. Besides, an overheat protection sensor
can let your heart down when you always use the device for a long time.
4. You can enjoy all the features mentioned above at a reasonable price, which is friendly to your budget.

7. Dyson Hot + Cool AM09 Fan Heater

Feature: 1. It can be treated as a bladeless fan or portable heater.
2. You can choose the function that sends warm or cool air in one direction or diffuses them to the room.
3. No matter which kind of setting you choose, the device would not be in high temperature even you use it for a long time.
4.Without blades and exposed heating elements, It’s features for safety can let people use it in the room with children and pets.

8. [DH-QN04] Desk Ceramic Heater with Tipped-over Protection

Click here to get more details about DH-QN04
Feature: 1. As a PTC electric ceramic heater, QN04 can warm the surroundings in as soon as 2 seconds.
2. The 45° oscillation can provide DH-QN04 a wide range of the Corner
3. Temp fuse inside and V0-Flame resistance can prevent your house from naked fire or overheat
4. Hot-wind and natural-wind setting can improve your life quality in different weather.

9. DuraHeat 23,800 BTU Indoor Kerosene Portable Heater

Feature: 1. 23800 BTU of heating power can heat your house quickly.
2. 360-degrees radiation enables the Kerosene Portable Heater to warm the surroundings efficiently.
3. This gas heater has no unpleasant smell other than the time you turn it on or off.

10.[DH-QN06] Horizontally & Verically Available Air Heater

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Feature: 1. DH-QN06 from Kloudic can be used either horizontally or vertically, meeting your different requirements.
2. With its lightweight design, it's easy to carry it everywhere. Besides, for it can be used in dual-direction, DH-QN06 can be fit in various places.
3. The ceramic heater is able to shut down automatically when it is overheating. the heater can only work again when the temperature goes down to 194°F.

11. Vornado VH202 Personal Space Heater

Feature:1. the most obvious characteristic of The Vornado VH202 personal space heater is “small”, which means that it can spare a considerable space for you.
2. Vortex air circulation system enables Vornado Vh202 to heat the air around you quickly.
3. With tip-over protection and its small size, you can put it on the desk of your office. No need to worry about injuries.

12. [DH-QN12] Electric Thermostat Heater

Features: 1. With an ECO Thermostat, the heater will be switch to the energy-saving mode, automatically adjusting the power to keep the room at a proper temperature when reaching the set temperature.
2. 90° oscillation enables DH-QN12 to heat the space efficiently and quickly. it is a perfect choice for either in offices and at home.
3. The 24th timer is perfect for those who always forget to turn off the machine.
4. 3 modes including Natural wind, Low heat 900W, and High heat 1500W can meet your different demands and save energy.
5. DH-QN12 will stop working after pressing the shutdown button, but With a protective mechanism, its fan will continue to work about 20S.

5 Reasons we should choose DH-QN02 Portable Heater

Concluding all the factors we will consider when we choose a portable heater for room: quality, brand, safety, environment protection, size, noise, and power.
We highly recommend you to choose the "DH-QN02 Portable Heater" from Kloudic

1. Quality and Environment protection 

With the appliance of the Ceramic Heating Technology, DH-QN02 enjoys a long life and superior. 

Powered by electricity. they Use PTC ceramic elements to warm up, without creating any kind of harmful gas like Co2.

This means they are environment-friendly products and not harmful to your families.

2. Brand

Kloudic has been certified by ISO9001, IPMS (Intellectual Property Management System), 3C, CE, KC, PSE, ETL, SRRC, etc. A large number of design patents and utility model patents have also witnessed Kloudic’s growth. And its excellence has been approved by renowned awards such as ANALYST'S CHOICE, GOOD DESIGN SELECTION, and RED STAR DESIGN AWARD. Also, the company values every user feedback, trying to provide more advanced and favorable items.
(sauce: https://kloudic.com/about/)


With “Tip-over Trigger”, DH-QN02 Portable Heater can shut off automatically when It falls.
No more worry about your kids and pets.


With a small size, you can carry them anywhere effortlessly and put them in everywhere you want.

5. Noise and Power

With clear instructions and advanced technology, the noise from the product can be held under 45dB.

Such dB is not at the cost of power, without a little influence on the speed of heating.
Only need 1 second, you can get the temperature you want.
You can also choose different wind setting to fit different weather.

Natural wind for warm days, low heat, and high heat for cold days.

You can use DH-QN02 Portable Heater all year.We can make sure that it is worth every penny of it.


In this article, we introduced two types of portable heaters commonly used in our daily life, the points we should consider when we want to buy a portable heater for room. For the consideration of your safety, we also have the precautions for use. Through comprehensive research, we have made a list that includes 12 products we recommend. With the support of 5 reasons, we choose the  DH-QN02 as the best and worth-buying one.
We sincerely hope that this article can help you in increasing the knowledge of portable heaters for room and choosing the portable heater for room suitable to you whether you want to buy one or not.
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