Should I buy a Dehumidifier?

Before you even begin buying a Dehumidifier you must ask yourself, what is a dehumidifer and do I even need a one? Or perhaps I need a humidifier instead, which one is it and why?

Well a dehumidifier according to Wiki is this

“A dehumidifier is an electrical appliance which reduces and maintains the level of humidity in the air, usually for health or comfort reasons, or to eliminate musty odor and to prevent the growth of mildew by extracting water from the air.”

While a humidifier according to Wiki is

“A humidifier is a device, primarily an electrical appliance, that increases humidity in a single room or an entire building.”
In super simple talk a humidifier adds water vapor to the air. A Dehumidifier takes the water out.

In more technical talk a dehumidifier helps maintain an ideal humidity level for comfort. In Summer its around 50%humidity and in Winter as low as 30% is fine. 

So now we know what a dehumidifier is, should you really be buying one?
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Do I need a dehumidifier?

Does your house suffer from dampness? Wet walls? Beyond normal condensation on windows, you know, when its literally dripping with water, perhaps you have a few musty odors or smells or heaven forbid you have mold/the odd mushroom popping out of the window sill. If so I am sorry to say but your house may have a case of too much humidity.
You may be thinking well I can always chuck on the A.C and get rid of that moisture in the air, and yep you’re right, and if you live in a hot, humid location that may be a great choice though its certainly more expensive on the electric bill than a simple dehumidifier which will cost a fraction of the cost but that sweet cold air may well be worth the price. What if you live a place with high humidity but that cold air may be more of a curse than a blessing. Then the dehumidifier will definitely be the right choice.
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Sometimes you may need both. Think about a basement or a laundry room. These rooms tend to be wetter and, sometimes smellier than other places. You may have an AC nearby but where there is extra moisture having the dehumidifier will be a life saver in stopping mold and that lovely musty odor.

Manage your temperature by reducing humidity

During Winter a cold winter with high humidity will chill you to the bone. You will feel a huge difference between 59°F with over 80% humidity vs 59°F with 30% humidity. On one end you’ll feel wet and cold all over covered in layers of clothes. On the other end you will probably not feel cold at all, well maybe jumper weather for some of us. If you are someone who lives in a high humidity environment during a not so cold winter it may also be worthwhile investing in a dehumidifier to feel the difference.

So now we’ve covered do you need a dehumidifier or not, how do they work?

How Dehumidifiers Work?

The basic idea is fairly simple.

Air is forced in to cold coils to create condensation (Just like your windows on a cold morning) then normally the water is dripped into a tray/bucket or pumped out. The air which was sucked in is now “dryer” and is expelled back into the room.

Types of Dehumidifiers

There are two types of dehumidifiers in the market. 

1. Dehumidifiers with compressor (also known as Refrigerant dehumidifier)
2. Dehumidifiers without compressors (also known as Desiccant Dehumidifiers)

Dehumidifiers with compressor/Refrigerant dehumidifier

These Dehumidifers are the most common type of Dehumidifiers are better better suited in higher temperatures, they are recommended for rooms with a higher degrees than 55°F

This type of dehumidifier had a wide range performance mainly dependant on power.

The best compressor models are highly energy efficient and fast at extracting water.

If you only need a dehumidifier for heated rooms and aren’t concerned about noise levels, a you should buy a dehumidifier with a compressor.

Dehumidifiers without a compressor/Desiccant Dehumidifiers (Zeolite, Desiccant based)

Similar to the compressor with a difference. It uses Zeolite instead. Zeolite is a natural desiccant material that has a large range of uses in different sectors.

In dehumidifiers it is placed in a special disk to absorb the water in the air then drips down into the tray/pump/bucket.

For rooms with poor heating this version of a dehumidifier may just be a better option You may also like this version as they are quieter and lighter as they don’t have a compressor or coils. however on average they have a higher energy consumption compared to humidifiers with a compressor.

Noise Output

We mentioned noise output above. This may well be an important factor for you, especially in the bedroom/smaller rooms.
For small rooms/the bedroom we recommend no louder than 38 to 42dB at its lowest speed.
Higher power dehumidifiers may have a noise level 44 to 54dB.
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Check your Dehumidifiers dehumidifying capacity

When buying a dehumidifier, you should also consider its capacity. Is the humidifier going to do the job you paid for? The higher its capacity the faster it dehumidifies and the better job it does. 

As everyones home is a different size, shape, storage capacity and environment most people need to know what type of dehumidifier they should buy. How do you do this?

Well a dehumidifiers size is based upon its total moisture removal capacity. This is measured every 24 hours by pints or litres. E.g if it says 5 pint dehumidifier it is saying at its testing condition it removed 5 pints of water from the air in 24 hours. For most of us lets be honest that just sounds like a different language. Is 5 pints a lot? Or is it barely a drop in the ocean. Well thankfully for you we’ve made this table to let you know what size you need for 2020.
As you can see 5 pints may just well be a drop in the ocean depending on the size of your room, but you may also need to take into consideration the room condition before buying your dehumidifier from this table.

Extra considerations to consider before you buy a dehumidifier

How damp is your space?

If it's only a little damp, you can probably stick with the rated capacity for your square footage. If it is practically a swimming pool in there you will definitely be needing a larger unit. The more water the bigger the unit needs to be in order to deal with it. 

Are you going to be moving it around a lot?

The bulky and heavier dehumidifiers can be 30 pounds and over. Not a fun thing to constantly be moving around unless you are built like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger and that is your hobby, then who are we to tell you what to buy no matter how heavy it is!

 But for us mere mortals who plan on moving it around quite frequently a smaller, more compact model may be a better option. 

On a side note, the smarter of us may want to choose a dehumidifier with wheels for that very reason.

Even more features for Dehumidifiers

As with all things technology there are many types and ranges of the same product.
 # Auto adjust the humidity

Some dehumidifiers you may buy have an auto adjusting feature. A more energy efficient option as it adjusts according to the environment.
# Dry your clothes the fast way

Some models can even test if your clothes are dry or not. They do this by checking the indoor humidity. Not a bad option for walk-in closets.

# Ionizer

It helps eliminate bacteria, dust and odors by releasing ions from the ionizer.
Great for areas with smoke and for people suffering from allergies.
# 2 in 1 Air purifier/dehumidifier  

Some Dehumidifiers offer a 2 in 1 package with air purifying functions.
These two options can be broken down into two main types
(1) ionic (2) filter .

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Filter-type air purification

This type helps to get rid of dust, particles and pollen in the air and keep your household air fresh and clean.
Some models even filter bacteria and viruses! (2020 anyone?)
Depending on the model these functions can operate independently of each other. Great for when the dryer seasons come along where a dehumidifier may not be needed.


Hopefully Kloudic has answered your questions on whether or not you need to buy a dehumidifier.

If we haven’t or if you have anymore questions for us let us know in the comments and will will reply to you with an answer!

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