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[DH-CS03] 750ml Compact Dehumidifier

  • Large Capacity: Compared to competitors of similar size, it has larger water tank - 750ml.
  • Ultra Quiet: Thermo-Electric Tech (Peltier) Operation ensures the quietness as whisper (<30db).
  • Auto-off Function: To avoid overflow, it will shut off when the water almost fills up the tank.
  • Award-winning Design: Its stylish and impressive appearance brings the nomination for GIDA.
  • Portable & Compact: The mini size is suitable for spaces under 161 sq. ft, like bedroom and office.

Product Description

In rainy seasons, how can you ignore dehumidifying those closed, small corners? CS03 is right designed for satisfying such needs. As compact as 5.1x5.1x8.4 inches, it however has a comparatively large water capacity - 750ml. With an ultra-quite Peltier cooler inside, the product could achieve an effective dehumidification, and the grid at the air inlet can eliminate tiny objects in the air, creating a clean and comfortable environment.


Ingenious Design:

The fan in the dehumidifier sucks humid air into the machine, and the Peltier cooler cools and liquifies the air into droplets.


Effective Dehumidification:

The greater the temperature difference between the Peltier cooler and air, the better the dehumidifying effect is.


Healthy & Cozy:

To remove excess moisture in a small space, to keep everything dry, clean and fresh. Commonly used in wardrobe, bathroom, etc.


Large Capacity

In such a small body, the water capacity is larger than average: 750ml covering 10m² area.

Colorful LED Light

It changes automatically. Lock if you prefer one single color; turn off if you'd like to.

Tank-full Warning

The indicator light will turn RED when the water tank is almost full, and the unit will be auto-off.


Product Informations

Product Size5.1 x 5.1 x 8.4 inchesProduct Weight1.65 pounds
Package Size5.4 x 5.4 x 11.6 inchesPackage Weight2.36 pounds
Rated Voltage9VRated Power23W

Customer questions & answers

>  Can I set a humidity level for the dehumidifier to shut off at?

No, but it will automatically shut off when the water tank is at capacity.

>  How to clean the product?

Clean it with neutral detergent, wip to dry with a soft and dry cloth. Do NOT wash it directly with water.

>  Why is the dehumidifier underperforming?

It performance is affected by factors such as surrounding humidity, temerature, space size, airflow speed (window / door closed or not).

>  How to empty the water bank?

Set the machine powered off, rotate the upper part of the body anticlockwise to remove the tank off. Take off the cover and pour the water.

>  Is the product battery operation?

No, it comes with a power cord and works with direct power sources.
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