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[DH-CS02] Auto-defrost Electric Dehumidifier

  • Higher-efficient Dehumidify: The Thermo-Electric double semiconductors twice the condensation effect as others.
  • Hygrometer "Included": The anti-scratch screen presents the real-time humidity, convenient to monitor the ambient status.
  • Strong / Sleep Mode: Strong Mode fastens the fan speed and dehumidifying; Sleep Mode ensures to run extremely quiet.
  • Avoid Over-dehumidifying: In auto mode, the item will shut off when the humidity is below 50% RH, and restore when it's higher.
  • Auto Defrost: The self defrosting function not only protects the product to keep it run, but also extends its product life.

Product Description

Using dehumidifier can sometimes cause a contradictory mood - when the humidity is high, you hope the machine could run faster; when the humidity drops down, you afraid of loss in water. CS02 will give you a different picture - internal double semiconductors twice the dehumidifying efficiency, while in auto mode will maintain 50% humidity to avoid over-dehumidified. 2.3L large water tank and auto defrost function ensure a longer product life then its competitors.


Semiconductor Refrigeration Tech:

It can remove up to 800ml of water from the air at 86°F and 80% RH daily.Besides, the large capacity water tank (2300ml) can achieve 24-hour continuous dehumidification.


Upgrade Air Quality:

Effectively remove excess water in the air and unpleasant odor to improve the air quality indoor, but still work quietly (39dB).


Multiple Application Scenarios:

Ideal target could be a 480 sq ft room in 59°F(15°C). Used in wardrobe and kitchen keeps clean and refreshed; used in bathroom and bedroom will ensure dry and safety (skid resistance).


Current Ambient Humidity

The upgraded version with a new HD display shows real-time humidity and the status of the dehumidifier.

Low-temperature Defrost

If the internal forms frost, the item will automatically trigger the defrost mode to protect the unit. After defrosting, dehumidification function will resume.

Timer & Sleep Mode

Setting a timer saves energy and will not affect your budget and electricity bills greatly. In Sleep Mode, the lowest noise level can be 39dB-42dB.


Product Informations

Product Size8.9 x 6.0 x 12.3 inchesProduct Weight5.07 pounds
Package Size10.6 x 7.4 x 13.6 inchesPackage Weight6.17 pounds
Rated Power65WRated Voltage120V~

Customer questions & answers

>  How can the unit achieve humidistat effect?

Set in Auto Mode, the product will altomatically stop dehumidifying when the humidity reaches a healthy level - 50%. Once the humidity goes higher, the machine will work again.

>  How to set the LED light?

1. Lock a specific color; 2. Set the light change automatically, 7 colors a round; 3. Turn off the light.

>  Why there is value error of humidity?

Any humidity sensor has detenction distance limit (nearby only). Even if the test places are similar, please allow a deviation of about 5% due to differences in the components of the test instrument.

>  Is it noisy?

Strong mode and auto mode have higher fan speed, so the noise is relatively higher. If you prefer lower noise, we advise you change it to sleep mode.

>  Why is it underperforming - less water in the tank?

The dehumidification capacity will be affected by temperature, humidity and room size. If the indoor temperature is lower than 15°C/59°F, the dehumidification effect is not obvious.
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