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[DH-QN12] Electric Thermostat Heater

  • out of stock | coming back next winter | dealership available 
  • ECO Thermostat: Quick heat in 2s and an adjustable range from 59 to 99°F. After reaching the set temperature, the heater will be in energy-saving mode, automatically adjusting the operating power to keep the room comfortable.
  • 24-hr Timer & 3 Modes: The timer is set 1 hour added by each press. The product also has 3 modes of heat setting - High (1500W), Middle (900W) and Normal Fan Mode.
  • 90° Oscillation: The ceramic heater rotates from side to side, evenly distributing warm air to different parts of space for optimal efficient heating comfort, ideal for use in offices and at home.
  • LED Touch Panel & Remote Control: All settings (heating modes, timer, oscillation, temperature) can be done in either short or long distance. Remote control allows you shake off the shackles.
  • Safety Protection: The PTC Ceramic electric heater is made of V-0 flame retardant material, featuring with tip-over and overheat protection to ensure the safety and reliability of use.

Product Description

As a PTC space heater, QN12 can quickly heat up in 2 seconds. Having a heat range from 59 to 99°F, it could turn on the energy-saving mode when it reaches the set level, automatically adjusting the operating power to keep the room in a proper temperature. The 24h timer fits for those who usually forget to leave the machine on. With 90° oscillation, it can heat up a wider space. Either control panel or remote control is available for the product.


User-friendly Design:

The heater has built-in safety protection against tip-over and overheat. Also, with clear instruction and button, it is easy to operate.


3 Modes of Setting:

The heater can be set in 3 modes. And once the shutdown button is pressed, it will stop working but the fan will blow natural wind for 20s due to a protective mechanism.


Portable Design:

There is a handle hidden at the back of the product, allows it to be moved around easily. And with the help of remote control, the product is more adaptable to any space.


Safe & Reliable

This heater will not sag, deform or melt because of its V-0 flame-retardant material, ensuring the safety of use.

Remote Control

All settings can be done by not only its own panel, but also the remote control, which is convenient for use in larger areas.

PTC Heating

This special material allows the product to heat up in 2 seconds, much faster and safer than its competitors.


Product Informations

Product Size6.7 x 6.7 x 14.6 inchesProduct Weight4.8 pounds
Package Size7.3 x 7.3 x 16.7 inchesPackage Weight5.5 pounds
Battery Capacity120VWattage1500W

Customer questions & answers

>  Why does my heater make the beeping sound and fail to turn off without having to unplug?

The product beeps for about 5 seconds and then it powers off. If yours is not powering off automatically after a short beep, then the product might have a problem and please contact us.

>  Why it still blows wind after I touch the shutdown button on the panel?

Once the shutdown button is pressed, the PTC heating material will stop working, but the fan will blow natural wind for 20 seconds due to a protective mechanism.

>  What happens when the power goes off, does it come back on?

If you unpluged the product before and now plug again, the heater is turning ON in stand by mode and you can start the heating mode by using the remote or walk to it and press a button on its console.

>  How is the timer function?

It has a 24-hour timer setting, and one press for one hour. It is recommended to set the timer to 8 hours before going to bed / working and enjoy a comforting warmth.

>  Does this tower heater has a thermostat?

Yes, it has an ECO thermostat. You can easily set the temperature from 59-99°F, after the set temperature is reached, the heater will be converted to energy-saving mode and automatically adjust the operating power to keep the room comfortable.
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