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[DH-QN02] 950W Portable Ceramic Heater with 45° Oscillation

  • Compact Size: Smaller that other products of the kind, you can easily fit the heater anywhere at home or in workplace.
  • Easy But Not Noisy: With clear instructions on the product, just a few steps to enjoy warm and toasty air quietly (<45 dB).
  • Instant Heat & Durable: Quick heating in 1 second, and the PTC ceramics as material would support long-lasting use.
  • All-year Application: 3 temperatures of wind setting - Natural Wind for warm days; Low Heat and High Heat for cold days.
  • Safety Protection: The ceramic heater will be automatically power-off when overheating or tipped over.

Product Description

QN02 is designed to be small enough for convenient carry and the least space occupation. It runs at a noise below 45 dB that you could hardly notice. In only 1 second, the machine can soon warm up the surroundings without worries of being overheat or on fire due to its temperature and tipped-over protection. 3 wind modes in different temperatures could meet your needs all year round. And the PTC ceramics applied lengthens the product life.


Portable and Small in Size:

Convenient to carry and effortless to fit in any place, no matter private (bedroom, dormitory) or public (living room, office).


PTC Ceramics Heating:

The advanced technology ensures a higher thermal efficiency and longer product life, making the product safe and long-lasting.


Three Wind Modes:

Natural wind, low heat, high heat - meeting various temperature needs in warm seasons as well as cold seasons.


45° Oscillation

Compared to non-rotating products, it delivers its wind to a wider area in fan shape.

Easy to Carry

Even in a small size, the product weights much lighter than it looks. The built-in handle facilitates carry.

Tip-over Trigger

The electric heater will automatically shut off when it falls down, which is safe for kids and pets.


Product Informations

Product Size14.9 x 4.9 x 8.1 inchesProduct Weight2.53 pounds
Package Size6.9 x 5.9 x 9.2 inchesPackage Weight2.79 pounds
Battery Capacity120VWattage950W

Customer questions & answers

>  Is it normal to blow the wind for about 20 seconds after it is turned off?

Yes, it is normal. The fan will still blow out the wind for 20 seconds after you turn it off, and this can cool down the PTC heating unit to protect the machine.

>  Does this need to plug in to use? Or it run by batteries?

Yes, this portable heater is actually corded and can only be plugged into a wall socket.

>  Can I leave this QN02 heater switched to “on” all the time and control it with a smart plug?

No. Once power is supplied to the device it must be turned on with a button click on the device. There is not a toggle type switch where it can remain in the ON position when “unplugged.”

>  What is ceramic heating? Does it produce Co2 gas?

Applying PTC ceramic elements to heat up, this portable space heater enables instant heat-up within 1 second, which is more energy-saving and safer than the traditional heating technique. It doesn't create any harmful gas like Co2 or Carbon Monoxide.

>  Why do I see that some pictures have on/off on the top of the heater, and there's also an on/off button on the back of it too? Are they both the same?

The button on top is on/off for fan. The switch on the back is for power going to the unit itself. Basically, you will hardly use button on top and mostly will turn it off/on from switch on back.
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