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[DH-JS06] 6.5L Large Humidifier for Bedroom

  • Large Capacity: 6.5L / 1.70 gal of water allows long-time operation. Transparent tank makes it clear to see the water level.
  • Humidity Monitoring: The humidity can be set from 55%~90%. The product will automatically kick on if the actual humidity level gets below that.
  • Essential Oil Tray: The humidifier circulates the oils into the cool mist, giving you a clean, pure and fresh aroma.
  • Sleep Mode: In this mode it will turn all the lights off and run under 26 dB, providing a comfortable environment for sleep.
  • Effortless Clean & Refill: Wide opening tank provides easy access to cleaning and refilling. Tank with handle makes it easier to use.

Product Description

You can rarely find similar humidifiers on sale have such a large water capacity, which can support 60-hour humidifying. JS06 is designed with elegant black ABS shell and in a retro square shape. The transparent water tank makes it easy to check the water level. Humidity, timer, sleep mode and mist level can all be set according to personal needs. Not just the quietness, several drops of essential oil added could improve the comfort.


Timer & Humidistat:

The timer can be set from 2h~24h, with 2 hours added by each tap. And the humidistat is more recommended, which automatically adjusts to your standard.


Comfortable Humidity Range:

The humidity can be set from 55%~90%, keeping the area right to avoid being either too dry or too humid.


6.5L Capacity for Large Space:

Water bank of 6L plus 0.5L base capacity, well enough for an area of 753 square feet, such as nursery, bedroom and gym room.


Adjustable Mist Direction

Not fully upward, so that people around can feel the mist easier. And the adjustable direction can prevent the desktop from wet.

Sleep Mode

While in this mode, the digital displayer and other indicator lights will be off. And quiet operation allows an undisturbed rest.

Adjustable Mist Level

It can be switched from Hign/03 to Low/01, then to Medium/02, and back to High/03 again, fitting various needs.


Product Informations

Product Size10.8 x 7.1 x 14.0 inchesProduct Weight3.75 pounds
Package Size13.5 x 7.2 x 15.0 inchesPackage Weight4.63 pounds
Rated VoltageAC120VRated Power18W
Rated Frequency60HzTank Capacity6.5L (6L water tank + 0.5L base capacity)

Customer questions & answers

>  Why the mist becomes smaller after used for a while?

If you have set the humidify, the product will detect the indoor environment and adjust its mist. Once the set humidify is reached, the mist will become smaller to maintain the status.

>  Can I place the JS06 humidifier on the wooden floor?

No, the wooden furniture neither, unless there is a towel being placed between the product and the ground.

>  How to fill up the humidifier?

Remove the lid to fill, or pour the water directly into the special hole on the lid. DO NOT add water into the nozzle.

>  How to set the humidistat?

The default humidity level is 75%, and each tap adds 5%. The humidity level can be set from 55% to 90%.

>  How often should I clean the product?

Every 2-3 weeks. Use the cloth to remove the incrustation inside the tank and wash it with running water.
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