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Kloudic Smart Mosquito Killer Insect Trap Intelligent Control Fruit Fly Trap, Indoor Insect Killer, Sticky Glue Trap with UV Light, USB Powered, Built-in Fan

Product Size5.55*5.55*7.40 inches
Package Size5.91*5.91*8.50 inches
Product Weight0.5kg

Kloudic's smart mosquito killer is featured with bellowing advantages:

  • Automatic Intelligent Light Induction: Built-in automatic intelligent light induction, the trap will only activate when the surrounding is dark and switch off automatically when it gets bright. So this fly trap will always guard your family efficiently.
  • Eco-friendly and Energy-saving: Compared with dangerous traditional mosquito killer, this physical inhalable insect trap is non-chemicals, odorless, and non-toxic. It is safe for pregnant women, children, and pets. 6 W low power consumption fly trap is great for saving energy and money, only 4.32 kWh a month. Let our effective insect trap be the guardian of your family's health!
  • Easy to Clean : After using you could just rotate to unlock the storage box to pour out the glue board when it is filled with bugs, then clean the bottom with water and wipe it dry. Finally, replace a new sticky glue board. This smart mosquito killer is suitable for most indoor places, such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, dining room, office.
  • Lightweight and Portable Design: The smart mosquito killer comes with a usb adapter and charging cable. It can also be powered by any usb port device, such as computers, laptops, and portable chargers. The insect trap only weighs 1.1 lb, you can easily carry it to any place, such as yard, camping, office. Accompany you when you work, study, or play outside.

Powerful Smart mosquito killer-Bring you a Bug-free Home

1.The fly trap built-in bi-directional light source, 365nm wavelength UV trap light which works better in the dark place 360°effectively lure in all kinds of insects

2.Compared with dangerous traditional mosquito killer, this physical inhalable insect trap is non-chemicals, odorless, and non-toxic. It is safe for pregnant women, children, and pets.

3.Automatic mode and timer system bring you a convenient and energy-saving usage experience.

4.Works best for catching mosquitoes, fruit flies, moths, gnats, and much more.

5. Suitable for most indoor places, such as bedroom, kitchen, living room, office, restaurant.

Tips for best results:

1.3 days of running is suggested for an ideal effect.

2.Close your windows and shut the doors.

3.Put the device in a dark place for optimal capture, bugs are attracted to the UV light best seen in the dark.

4. Place the trap near the insects-near the fruit, trash can, or plants.

  • Timer Setting
"5h-8h-12h" - 3 time period options are provided by the smart mosquito killer for you to design how long will it work, especially when you are overwhelmed with your own business or deep in sleep.
  • Automatic Light Mode
If you'd like the machine to work regularly instead of day and night, this setting will automatically turn it on in the dark, and off in the light.
  • Sticky Glue Boards

When cleaning traditional products, it's dirty and digusting to clean the dead flies in the storage box. In the case of this product, it is just as simple and clean as replacing the boards.


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