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  • Ultrasound Spray Cooling Technology: Portable air conditioner uses ultrasonic atomization technology to atomize the water in the water tank into ultra-fine water molecules, the fan blows out the cool and humid air. Unlike other air conditioners, our air cooler can cool the surrounding air, and do not make your skin feel dry. The product can be used as a personal air cooler, fan and humidifier, keep you away from the hot weather and enjoy a comfortable summer.
  • Controllable Wind Speed and Direction: Three wind speeds (high, medium, low) can be adjusted, the maximal fan rotating speed reaches 3500RMP, and the maximum wind speed reaches 2.5m / s。Manual up-down to adjust blowing direction in 90 degrees, you can control the wind direction as you like and create your own personal cooling zone. Tips: Press the "Power" button for two seconds to turn off the portable air conditioner.
  • Timing Setting: Considering that you will catch a cold when blowing for a long time at night, our mini air conditioner adds a 2/4/6 hour timer setting. The 11oz (320ml) water tank can ensure that the product continues to run for 4-6 hours without worrying that the air conditioner will stop working because of being out of water.
  • Smart Lighting Design: The blue smart light will not affect your sleep quality at night, you can put it on the bedside table and coffee table to create a romantic atmosphere! When the water tank is short of water, the light will turn red and flash 5 times, then the light turns off. You need to add water to the water tank, and then press the "Mist" button to turn on the light.
  • Lightweight and Energy-Saving: Personal air cooler with a power consumption of only 16-18W/hour designed for personal use, the product use only 0.38-0.43kW of electricity after runs continuously for 24 hours. It do not use refrigerants or chemicals to cool the air, so you should not expect to get the same effect as an air conditioner. Note: This portable air conditioner only cools the area around the user.
  • You do not need to add ice cubes to the water tank, the portable air conditioners use ultrasonic spray cooling technology to quickly cool the surrounding air and make you feel cool. If the temperature of the water is too low, the working efficiency of the ultrasonic spray element will be affected.


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