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KLOUDIC Top-Fill 6L Cool Mist Large Humidifier for Home Air Vaporizer with Humidistat and Timer

KLOUDIC Top-Fill 6L Cool Mist Large Humidifier for Home Air Vaporizer with Humidistat and Timer

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KLOUDIC Large Cool Mist Humidifier for Large Home- 6L(1.6gal) large capacity allows this humidifier to work for a long period of time(Max 60h) in a low-speed mode. In sleep mode, our dehumidifier for bedroom works at the 25dB ultra-quiet noise level which will not disturb your sound sleep. This safe humidifier can automatically shutoff when run out of water. It’s safe to use in baby room.The modern colorful night light is perfect for building a sweet atmosphere in bedroom. Easy to change color or switch off. It's convenient to check the volume of water at a glance. Now you can adjust the humidity of your room with the help of this Smart Humidistat Humidifier, which allows you to set the desired humidity level from 55% to 90% RH, and the humidifier starts to work for the setting. This large humidifier with a separate built-in essential oil tray, allows you to add your favorite aroma into the cool mist, making a fancy living environment, relaxing your mind when resting or doing Yoga. (Note: the essential oil is not included)
  • 3 Mist Output Levels: Easily adjust the mist output level according to your needs and it is able to control the mist output direction by adjusting the nozzle on the top.      

    • One Touch Control & Humidity Display: It’s easy to adjust the functions by touching the LCD control panel. Also you can see the real time humidity level on the screen.
    • Top Fill Design: It’s never been easier to refill the water tank just by adding water from the top of the humidifier without taking out the lid. It provides the possibility to maintain water while the humidifier is working and keep a long-lasting humidification.
    • Moisturize your life: Skin stay young and relax, reduce the chance of skin problem.Breath comfortably and have good sleep every night.Mists your favorite plants and helps conserve plant moisture.
    • Sweet Light adjustment & Quiet Sleep Mode-Timer: There are 7-color atmosphere light designs on the side, independent button setting, adding soft color to your romantic night. The sleep mode will automatically adjust the mist output to level 1 and turn off all button lights to guard your children’s dreams.


  • Switch to sleep mode, all the night lights will be turned off and it works in a minimum mist output level.
  • Adjustable mist spout design allows you to change the mist output direction to prevent wetting the wall.
  • Pay attention to the MAX water level line, please don’t exceed the max water storage.


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